Rotary Camp Enterprise 2014 still




Rotary International

Camp Enterprise 2014
An educational business camp

Promotional / Recruitment

The Rotary International Club of Toronto asked TCVP to create a new a fresh, updated version of their prmotional/recruitment video.

The video is used as a recruitment tool for Camp Enterprise – an annual three-day business camp for high school students. The objective of the camp is to spur the students' imaginations on the subject of business and private enterprise. TCVP tailored this promotional video to grades 11 and 12 students and, as such, the video is fast-paced, features energetic music, straight cuts and some special effects.

The video's goal is to depict in the shortest time possible what the Rotary Camp Enterprise experiece is like for future attendees. The shoot took place over 3 days on location in Nobleton.