The Wisdom Speakers Project

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The Wisdom Speakers is a public service website featuring the wisdom of ordinary extraordinary people. The website features video vignettes of interesting people that Gilles has crossed paths with in his travels. When creating the videos, Gilles often looks for metaphors and other interesting ways of enhancing the mini-documentaries based on the information from the interviews. Each video is then artfully edited and features music from independent artists. The growing collection can be found on the project's web site,

I just wanted compliment you on the video you did on Sharon and Houdini. It was brilliant. Loved the editing, the low camera angle shots and the way she comes out of the woods to begin and exits back into the woods at the end... nicely done. I especially love the last 5 seconds ... it makes me laugh and I play that part over and over again for my own amusement.
Greg Endicott

Great video ! Beautiful cinematography and editing!!! Great work!
Laurie Pye

Continue your most worthwhile and visually stunning work.
Cop Macdonald