Shad Valley International

Safety First – Risk Management Training DVD

Training / Educational

TCVP was hired by Shad Valley International (SVI) to create an engaging training video featuring world renowned volunteer management and risk management expert Linda Graff, delivering a live training workshop. The 2.5 hour DVD is now used every year by volunteers and employees across Canada. SVI is a four-week summer enrichment program offered to top high school students in Canada. Students spend a month living in residence at many Canadian host university campuses. Every year SVI employs many volunteers and leaders to administer and direct the students. By using this training DVD, SVI reduces its training costs and can now easily provide critical training to more employees and volunteers.

The DVD far exceeded my very high expectations. You two are real professionals in what you do. I could never have imagined how proud this DVD makes me of our organization. The way you have captured and presented our work on risk management is a great contribution to the enhancement of our brand, image and most importantly, our reputation. I sincerely thank you for that.
Barry G. Bisson
President, Shad Valley International

The video presents the workshop facilitator, Linda Graff, and was shot using multiple cameras. A very important component of the training session was the question and answer period. TCVP captured this natural discussion between the participants and the leader making viewers feel as though they are in the room with the group. The target audience is young people in their 20's, and as such, the video starts with driving music matched with quick edits of candid shots of the participants to grab the viewers attention immediately. The DVD was divided into logical chapters, which allows the viewer to easily access a section to be reviewed.